Wild Me is a nature inspired fashion brand creating clothes with a story. Our collections encourage you to connect with your inner animals. While that connection might seem lost when living in a concrete jungle, your inner animals are always there, ready to roar. Fashion is a tool to express your true self. Wake up the tigers and lions sleeping inside you and dare to be different. Shed your old skin, escape the concrete jungle and take a walk on the wild side.

Why the Leopard?

Each leopard has a unique pattern of spots just like each one of us has unique fingerprints. People often say a leopard can't change its spots. But why would a leopard change the very thing that makes it so beautiful and unique? We're often told fashion has to be about fast trends, about throwing out and refilling our wardrobe from season to season. That way of doing fashion hides our unique patterns and harms the planet. Wild Me believes fashion should be about embracing your unique wild pattern and celebrating high quality, lasting clothing made to be worn again and again. We design our clothes to be a part of your style, not to replace it, to tell a story about who you are, not who you should be, and to last you for years, not a season.

Our Prints

All prints in our collections are created by artist Kai Nemra. We aim to blur the line between art and fashion and we treat our collections as precious works of art. We take time to create our designs and make sure that each print is unique and timeless.

Quality Clothing

Wild Me makes clothes that are beautiful and durable. All our clothes are made in small quantities in Lithuania and the United Kingdom. We work closely with seamstresses and printers to make sure each item of clothing is of the highest quality. We want our collections to be treasured and worn for years. A great item of clothing never goes out of fashion if it fits well and makes you feel great.